Dermabrasion: Get The Skin You Want

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Dermabrasion: Get The Skin You Want

What if we told you that there is a way to have smoother skin, a younger-looking complexion, and improved self-confidence? It’s called dermabrasion. This in-office treatment can improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles as well stubborn scars or texture irregularities on your face!

Dermabrasion is a type of medical skincare treatment that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This blog will explore what it entails and why people may want to consider this option for their skin care needs, so read on!

1.What exactly is dermabrasion?

Dermabrasion is an amazing procedure in which the skin’s surface area becomes smoother and more even than ever before. A special high-speed rotary instrument called ‘derma planer’ will be used for this process, cooling it down to improve its effectiveness to give you the new skin you have dreamt of!

Dermabrasion is an amazing treatment that can target signs of aging like uneven skin tone and texture, fine lines or wrinkles (especially around the eyes), and acne scars and it’s also great for removing potentially harmful spots on your face- which might be precancerous!

Advantages of Dermabrasion treatment

  • Removes all dead skin cells

  • Gives your skin a total makeover

  • Illuminates the skin

  • Offers a polishing touch to the skin

  • Nurtures and protects your skin from the inside out to help you achieve a more youthful-looking complexion.

  • A good option to lessen the impact of acne

is it possible to get fair skin permanently?

Yes with dermabrasion it is possible to get fair skin and it may be the perfect solution for you to get rid of acne, hyper-pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. The procedure itself will result in an overall more radiant complexion with even texture throughout your face!

2.How patients should prepare for this treatment

It’s easy to forget that the skin on your body is delicate, and requires special attention. Make sure you are prepared before getting an exfoliation treatment so it can be as beneficial for you as possible!

Patients are recommended to avoid sun exposure and smoking for a few weeks before their procedure as this can put them at risk of skin discoloration. Delayed healing is also possible if takes too long in between visits, so it’s important that they follow the doctor’s orders carefully!

If you have any medications that are affecting the way your skin heals, speak up. Your dermatologist needs this information in order to give a precise time frame for treatment and ensure optimal results!

3.What patients can expect during this treatment

Dermabrasion is a treatment that goes beyond your typical at-home exfoliation, so it’s important to remember: that dermabrasions will typically use general anesthesia. However, in some cases, a general anesthetic might be necessary!

After being numbed, a rapidly rotating motorized skin device will be moved across your face with gentle pressure. The outside layers of your skin are removed as it moves along in order to achieve results that last anywhere from minutes up until an hour or more!

After the exfoliating is complete, a dermatologist will apply skin liquid bandages to fully heal. Most of the time patients need a next-day appointment for a check-up and to remove dressings depending upon their skin conditions, so be sure you book it ahead!

4.The Surprising Difference Between Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion

Dermabrasion has been proven to be a more intense skin treatment than microdermabrasion. It requires some downtime, but the results are immediately visible and can lead you down an attractive path towards healthier-looking hands in just one use!

Dermabrasion is a more intense form of micro-exfoliation that provides longer-lasting results than chemical peels and dermaplaning. With this treatment, you are risking some skin irritation in order to get those deep cleansing benefits with no risk or side effects on your natural tissue! Dermabrasion is a great option for those who want to get rid of precancerous spots and rhinophyma.


Whether you’re looking to revitalize your skin or remove years of sun damage, a dermabrasion treatment can be the answer. The dermabrasion cost in India may depend upon the location and may vary depending on what’s needed but this type is permanent so it pays off in long-term benefits!


It is important to apply soothing and moisturizing topical products after a dermabrasion treatment. Avoiding sun exposure until you’re fully healed can help speed up the healing process, but if it’s necessary for your job or personal commitments then make sure that SPF 30+ sunscreen always comes standard in this case! 

Having follow-up appointments with your dermatologist is beneficial for both you and the doctor. The specialist will be able to evaluate how quickly you’re healing, as well as offer products or methods that can accelerate recovery time if needed!


Dermabrasion is a great option for those who want long-lasting results without having to spend hours in the sun or go through harsh treatments like laser hair removal. The recovery time can be lengthy, but it’s worth knowing that your skin will look smoother and brighter than ever before! 

Looking for a way to get the perfect skin? At Aarthi Skincare clinic, we offer an array of treatments that can help you achieve your ideal look. Our experienced dermatologists are known for their expertise in giving total makeovers and providing brighter smoother results than ever before! Contact us today so our team may work together with yours on this journey towards your healthy-looking skin !!!

Commonly Asked Questions

1. What are the things to avoid for patients after receiving dermabrasion treatment?

A: Patients need to avoid alcohol for the first 48 hours after their procedure. They also should stay away from aspirin and ibuprofen a week following dermabrasion, swim in chlorinated pools less than a month afterward (but not more), and do light exercise such as walking or yoga which is considered safe during this time period – four weeks up until six months out before returning back into regular activity again!

2. Can Dermabrasion treatment remove dark spots?

A: Dermabrasion is a type of cosmetic treatment that uses tiny crystals to scrub away at the skin cells in order for new, smoother layers to replace them. This process works best on problems such as dull or spotty skins due to its ability to remove built-up dirt from previous treatments without hurting you!

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