Laser Treatment for Acne

Utilize our cutting-edge laser treatment for the effective removal of acne.

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Laser treatment for Acne Procedure

If you have acne, it is important to get medical attention. The best way to remove acne scars is with laser treatment which is individualized, which means it will work differently for each person and it offers quick results.

Plus, it can help boost your immunity so your acne is less likely to come back.

Aarthi Skincare offers effective acne and acne scar treatment in Chennai with the usage of cutting-edge acne treatment equipment assured to clear acne in a shorter period.

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With over 20 years of experience in skincare and haircare, Dr.Aarthi is an excellent PRP practitioner who has helped many other dermatologists learn about this treatment through her success rate they’re-which speaks volumes! Many have called her “the best” when it comes to beauty treatments because she always delivers results beyond expectations coupled with professionalism that never lets you down no matter what type of problem your face might be experiencing from acne scars tiny wrinkles deep furrows etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will an acne consultation last?

Consultations for acne may last from about 30 minutes to 1 hour and it depends on if it is the first visit or a revisit, and also whether the patient has any other conditions like PCOS. If the patient needs some procedures or counselling, they may need more time to clear acne scars. Aarthi Skincare offers spot treatment of acne scars based on acne lesions of the patient.

Any side effects of laser treatment?

Most people who have laser surgery will have a good outcome. Pimple scar treatment would require effective skin laser surgery to treat the acne of the skin. The person should also follow the doctor’s instructions for post-care.

How much amount is required for the treatment?

Depending on the laser being used and the number of sittings a patient needs, the cost can range from about INR 14,750 per sitting.

What type of results can we expect from laser treatment for acne?

Lumens ResurFX technology can reduce the appearance of scars by 80%. This technology is especially effective at reducing rolling and box scars. The effectiveness depends on the condition of the skin’s top layer.