PRP Hair Treatment

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) eliminates hair loss and to help stimulate hair growth.

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PRP Hair Treatment Procedure

Get to know on how PRP works to reduce hair fall and regenerate hair growth.

Most people think that hair loss is only caused by aging or genetics. However, hair loss can also happen at anytime during adulthood. Balding is when the hair follicles, the small sacs that anchor individual hairs to the scalp, begin to shrink. This makes the hair fall out

This makes the hair fall out. In the world of sports medicine, doctors have used PRP to help heal muscle and tendon injuries. With hair loss, research suggests injecting platelets found in a patient’s blood and activating growth factors can improve the blood supply to their hair follicles and increase the thickness of their hair shafts.In this process with you what to realistically expect from a PRP procedure before we do it. It can also be attributed to lifestyle choices that can affect hair loss, such as quitting smoking and eating a diet fortified with vitamin D and iron – two nutrients that might support hair growth.

Improvement in hair health and thickness is possible and has been documented in several studies.The entire process takes about 30 minutes. Our doctor will take a sample of your blood and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets. We will then extract and inject the platelets into balding areas on your scalp. Most patients report minimal discomfort, if any. Patients will return once a month for three months for another injection, then once every three to six months after that.

With this simple procedure, you can have long-lasting results that will look ravishing ! The risks are meagre but the benefits outweigh them. People who take anticoagulants or have an active scalp infection should avoid PRP treatments because it could cause unwanted bleeding complications in these instances.

Success Rate

Ammongst all other alternatives, PRP has a higher success rate

Lesser Time

PRP results can be observed in lesser time against all other methods


Other hair transplant treatments are costly and temporary

PRP Treatment Pre-Requisites

How effective is PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP Hair Loss Treatment can be very effective for slowing down hair loss and regrowing lost hair. The treatment works best for people who have healthy hair follicles that are still capable of producing strong, thick, and healthy hair.

Does PRP Procedure hurts for the patients?

The procedure is not at all painful and most people might feel just a pricking sensation. Meanwhile, after injecting from mesogun, you might have some minimal soreness. This is normal and will last for only 8 hours. Our doctor may give you pain medication to help make you more comfortable in case of any need.

What is the expected turnaround time for PRP?

In 2-6 weeks you should see results. As time goes by, the density and strength tend to increase. Many patients see great improvement within 3-6 months of the treatment.

Who is an ideal patient for PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP is an advanced treatment for hair loss, so it is typically safe and appropriate for most women and men. PRP usually works better in areas where hair is thinning and the presence of hair follicles. The earlier in the hair loss process that treatments are started, the better the results.

 PRP is a safe procedure for people who are not good candidates for other types of hair loss treatments. PRP is natural and does not have any drugs in it. This makes it safe for pregnant or nursing mothers, cancer patients, and people with other medical conditions. PRP Hair Loss Treatment is also a good choice for women and men who do not want to go through the pain, expense, or long recovery time of hair transplant surgery.

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With over 20 years of experience in skincare and haircare, Dr.Aarthi is an excellent PRP practitioner who has helped many other dermatologists learn about this treatment through her success rate they’re-which speaks volumes! Many have called her “the best” when it comes to beauty treatments because she always delivers results beyond expectations coupled with professionalism that never lets you down no matter what type of problem your face might be experiencing from acne scars tiny wrinkles deep furrows etc.

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