14 Summer Skin Care Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Great!

May 11, 2022by 0

The scorching summer heat is hard on our skin. No matter how much we protect ourselves, there are always some changes that occur as a result of this environment – from heat rashes and sunburns to stubborn tan lines or acne breakouts!

You can avoid experiencing skin problems in summer by taking care of your skin right away. The weather is getting warmer and the humidity in our environment increases. This causes your skin’s sweat glands to produce excess oil, which gets stuck on their surface leading to stickiness; grease from this mixture blocks pores throughout our faces!

The most common problem that occurs during summer is acne while people with oily skin are more prone to it because of the bacteria and oils in their pores combined with sweat causing clogged pore openings, which then leads to a perfect breeding ground for harmful UV rays all while producing melanin due to protection from sun damage but too much can lead some serious side effects like itchiness or even rashness!

Here are 14 great ways to make your skin look its best this summer.

1. Incorporate antioxidants in your diet 

antioxidants are essential for protecting your skin from environmental damage and boosting collagen while Summer is the perfect time to add an antioxidant serum into your skincare routine! You can also consume them through diet choices like citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, or even tea leaves!

Vitamin C serum is a great way to protect your skin from the harmful effects of summer Its antioxidants help reduce pigmentation caused by UV rays, and it also protects you against oxidant-induced damage! 

2. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key to maintaining your skin’s health throughout the summer. You can apply a hydrating face mask after washing at night for some extra moisture while you sleep, or splash yourself frequently with water and use facial mists as needed so that it stays fresh all day long!

3. Determine a good skincare routine in the summer

A good skin care routine is the key to a healthy complexion, particularly for sensitive skin. If you have oily or dry patches, follow this routine: choose between a gel-based product for those with delicate complexions and water-based ones respectively; apply twice daily in order to keep your face looking fresh! 

4. Ensure to do face wash regularly

In the summer, your skin may become oily. To keep it at bay and to remove all dirt from pores use the best summer face wash suited for you that can deep cleanse with mild non-foaming ingredients like alcohol-free cleaners or pH balanced soap base products of choice!.

5. Opt for a sunscreen

The sun’s UV-A and -B rays can leave you with a stubborn tan, but they also have the potential to cause premature aging. This may lead to spots on your skin that are caused by overexposure or even wrinkles! But don’t worry; there’s always room for prevention through sunscreen use which we recommend applying at least 30 minutes before going out under any circumstances.

6. Utilize a good toner

Toner is a great way to close pores and prevent sweat from clogging them up. Aloe vera or cucumber-based toners work best because they’re lighter than most other types, so your face won’t feel weighed down after using one! 

7. Make effective use of moisturizers

It’s hot outside and you don’t want to ruin your skin, but there are so many moisturizers on the market. Some can be greasy or sticky if not formulated properly for individuals’ needs! To find out moisturizer cream for summer suited just look at what ingredients it contains like antioxidants A & C along with SPF – these will help protect against wrinkles while keeping moisture in during this dry time of year 

8. Scale-Off for glowing skin

Get ready for a brighter complexion by exfoliating your face with an oil-based or scrubbed-based product at least twice per week. Remember, only use products appropriate for the type of skin you have and massage gently in a circular motion; also make sure to cleanse thoroughly around the mouth area as well! 

9. Incorporate coconut water, fresh juices into your diet

In the summertime, it’s important to stay hydrated with at least 2-3 litres of water per day. Coconut milk and juice can be helpful in keeping you feeling refreshed for your busy days! Drinking also helps flush out toxins from our body so we don’t feel sluggish all week-long – include some yogurt or buttermilk into every meal if possible too!.

10. Integrate seasonal fruits & vegetables into your diet

To stay cool from within, including salads and vegetables like cucumber in your food. seasonal fruits are also helpful – watermelons or musk melons for example will help keep the skin healthy!

11. Ensure to protect your feet, lips, and your eyes 

The sun is harmful to our skin, so it’s important that we protect ourselves by wearing sunglasses and moisturizing under eye gel. We also need a lip balm with SPF in order not only to keep us hydrated but give protection from the heat too! Scrubbing feet helps exfoliate dead cells off of them which leaves you feeling refreshed all over again

12. Maintain a good hygiene

Good hygiene is essential during the summer. A cool bath before bed can keep you feeling fresh and prevent rashes from occurring, while both morning showers, as well as night baths, should be followed by a proper clean-up routine that includes toning skin with lotion or moisturizer! 

13. Avoid aerated drinks at all costs

It’s better to drink lemon juice instead of cola because it is healthier and can help you lose weight. The sugar in sugary aerated drinks makes people feel sluggish, while they have no hydrating qualities which mean the body doesn’t get what it needs from these drinks- leading only further problems down a path towards being unhealthier!

14. Wear Cotton clothes

In the summertime, cotton is the best fabric to wear. It’s light and loose-fitting so you can avoid tight-fitting garments in synthetic fabrics which will make your discomfort worse plus itchy skin leading up to infections!


Do you want to look young and beautiful? Skin care is an essential part of your life. Aarthi Skin Care can help with that! We have expert dermatologists who will show you how best moisturizer for summer to maintain glowing skin at all times, while they can recommend the best face wash for oily skin in summer based on your skin type, no matter what challenges arise along the way.

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