PRP Hair Treatment: A Revolutionary Way to Regain Your Hair!

March 7, 2022by vinodhini0

Many people, both men and women, lose hair as they get older or because of stress. Almost everyone will lose some hair at some point in their lives. There are many different treatments for hair loss, but not all of them work well or are reliable.

Some treatments for hair loss are based on more solid science than others. One of these treatments is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which is a substance that comes from your blood. It is injected into your scalp to help heal bodily tissues, including the follicles from which your hairs grow.

PRP is a substance that is extracted from your blood. This is done by using a machine that separates the PRP from your blood. This increases the concentration of growth factors that promote hair growth.

PRP can be used on its own to treat tendon injuries and osteoarthritis. Research also suggests that PRP injections can help treat male pattern baldness.

What does the research say about PRP treatment for hair loss and its side effects? What can you expect as the outcome of this process? In this chronicle, we will see an in-depth on why PRP hair treatment is considered one of the foremost treatments for hair fall.

 What exactly is PRP? 

PRP is concentrated blood plasma that contains a high number of platelets. Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), transforming growth factor (TGF), and other bioactive proteins that aid in wound healing and possibly hair growth are also found in PRP.

PRP therapy is a special, non-surgical treatment that can help people with hair loss. Doctors have found new ways to heal wounds and tissue using recent scientific research. They have also found that PRP is an all-natural treatment that can help stimulate hair growth. This procedure is done in a doctor’s office using the patient’s own blood.

What is the use of PRP Therapy?

 PRP therapy is a medical treatment where you get three steps. They take your blood, process it, and then inject it into your scalp. Some people in the medical community think that PRP injections help with hair growth.

The injections make the hair follicle have more blood and the injection makes the hair shaft thicker. This makes the hair look fuller and more healthy. This is sometimes done together with other hair loss procedures or medications.

Preparation for PRP injections

There are a few steps you need to take before getting PRP injections. The steps depend on how you will get the PRP. PRP can be injected in different ways. For example, A numbing cream is applied to your scalp before injection.

Injecting process at aarthi skin care is performed by meso gun, that makes prp treatment absolutely painless. All you might feel is slight pricking sensation and irritation. This lasts only for a few hours.

If you have to arrive early for a treatment session, you will need to be there on time. Other times, a local anesthetic is mixed with the PRP to reduce any discomfort while sometimes, your doctor will inject or apply PRP during surgery. In order to prepare for PRP injections, you will need to follow your surgeon’s instructions.

PRP Hair Therapy Procedure

PRP therapy is a three-step process. You will need to do three treatments, four to six weeks apart. You will also need to do maintenance treatments every four to six months. Given below are the steps in which the PRP procedure is done:

♢ Blood is taken from your arm using a centrifuge. This is a machine that spins quickly to separate fluids of different densities.

♢ After being spun in the centrifuge for about 10 minutes, your blood will have separated into 3 parts. The bottom layer will be platelet-poor plasma, the middle layer will be platelet-rich plasma, and the top layer will be red blood cells.

♢ The platelet-rich plasma is taken from your body using a syringe. Then the syringe is injected into areas of the scalp that need increased hair growth.

Most patients will see effective PRP results within a few weeks and as time goes by. Most patients see great improvement within 6-9 months of treatment, and some men may even regrow their hair after balding. 

PRP Hair Treatment Side Effects

PRP therapy, which involves injecting your own blood into your scalp, is a safe way to treat hair loss and you don’t have to worry about getting a disease from someone else. But like any therapy that uses injections, there is always a risk of side effects. These can include injuries to blood vessels or nerves, infection, calcification at the injection points, and scar tissue.

There is also a chance that you could have a negative reaction to the anesthetic used in the therapy. If you decide to pursue PRP therapy for hair loss, let your doctor know in advance about any reactions you have had to anesthetics in the past.

PRP Hair Treatment Cost

PRP therapy is a treatment that usually consists of three treatments in a period of four to six weeks. There are also maintenance treatments every four to six months.

The price of the treatment depends on many factors, including your location, the quality of equipment, and whether you choose to add nutritive components.


If you are worried about hair loss, you have a few different options, plus you can take medication like Rogaine and Propecia, or you can have surgery to get a hair transplant. Another thing to think about is PRP therapy.

Some people believe that PRP is a safe and effective way to reverse hair loss and grow new hair. Talk to your doctor to see which treatment or combination of treatments is the best for you.

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