New Hair Therapy Helps Women Regrow Hairline What They’ ve Lost

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The affliction affects over 50% of women in their lifetime and yet it’s rarely discussed beyond the hushed confines of salon chairs. Female hair loss can be caused by a range of seemingly uncontrollable factors such as hormones, too many top-knot buns, or stress done to your locks via chemicals found within styling products we use every day like hairspray which may lead you down an unhealthy path towards thinner strands being less full than before!

Women have been experiencing hair loss for years, but it is only recently that there has been an option to treat the problem other than topical foams. The most popular treatment nowadays is lasers which work by removing scalp cells induced obsession growth at a much deeper level than previous methods did so without any scarring or infection risk involved!

The success of a new therapy for hair loss in women has been linked to an ingredient that stimulates collagen production and encourages follicles. This treatment, called PRP (platelet-rich plasma), is known as “liquid gold” because it’s a proven winner when treating thinning locks among other things such as its ability to stimulate growth factors within your cells which can lead you towards thicker more lustrous smooth hair!

PRP procedure can help combat female-pattern hair loss, which often goes unnoticed because it is less severe than male-pattern baldness. In this case, the receding or thinning occurs near one’s forehead and top part of the head while in MPB there are large patches where hairs fall out circularly around these areas!

The loss of hair can be a very alarming experience. It’s not just the thinning at your part line or all over that concerns you–it could also lead to more severe problems with confidence, self-esteem, and quality of life if left unchecked for too long! Luckily there are treatments available like PRP laser which have shown minimal PRP side effects hair during recovery time so they’re worth considering when looking into options about how best to handle this issue in Women!


PRP injections can be used to stimulate hair growth due to hormonal changes, such as those during pregnancy or stressful events. In fact, about 90% of our hairs follicles remain active at any given time with 10 being in a resting phase and usually falling out every 2-3 months!

When you’re pregnant, your estrogen levels go up. This protects the hair from falling out which means it may be thicker during this time than usual! But after giving birth to baby number one (or two), those same hormones start canceling each other out and leading us into an inevitable stage where we lose all our hairs—a process called telogen effluvium.

It doesn’t usually show itself right away because most women only notice thinning at around 60% loss; however, for some people losing more than half their heads can cause alarm!

Hair loss can be caused by physical stress, such as a car accident that shocks the body. In addition to this, there is emotional stress and ponytails specifically which put extra pressure on your follicles over time leading them down an inevitably dead-end route if not monitored carefully with proper care for locks! We recommend wearing hair loose or pulled back through one of many headbands instead so you don’t damage what’s left and the PRP hair treatment success rate is 100% and the PRP results indicate it.


Hair fall is a common woman’s problem, but don’t worry as Aarthi Skin care has an experienced dermatologist who can help you get your desired hair density and stop excessive hairs from falling out! Schedule now to start growing new growths while restoring what was lost.

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