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Laser treatment for wart removal

The most effective way to treat warts is by radio frequency. It is a simple procedure that uses heat to get rid of warts. To make sure you don’t feel any pain, an anesthetic cream is applied to the target area before the treatment. Sometimes, tiny injections of local anesthetic may be needed to make the process more comfortable.

To get rid of a wart, an electric probe is slowly applied to the surface of the wart. It will eventually fall off naturally within one week. After the wart falls off, topical antibiotics will help your skin heal quickly and prevent any secondary infections. If needed, you may need a touch-up session to make sure the wart doesn’t come back.

For permanent wart removal, we recommend you book an appointment at Aarthi Skincare, where our skilled dermatologist can quickly diagnose your warts and recommend you the optimal treatment for the removal of your warts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it advisable to cut off a wart?

If you want to remove a wart, never try to do it yourself. This can lead to further injury and the wart may spread. Instead, see your dermatologist for help. Dermatologists have many safe and effective treatments available.

What is not advisable after wart removal treatment?

After a wart removal procedure, it is common to experience irritation and soreness. You should avoid touching and scratching the wounds. If you scratch them, you might cause them to bleed and contaminate your hands.

What is wart removal cost?

The cost of wart removal depends on the severity of the wart, the area, and the skin type.

How can warts be diagnosed?

Our doctor can diagnose warts by looking at the bumps on your skin condition. If your doctor needs to know more, they might take a sample of the skin growth for testing.

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