Skin Tightening

Is your face beginning to show the signs of aging?

As we age, our face loses that youthful, radiant look it once had in our early twenties. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear and become more pronounced with each passing year. Eyelids become puffy and our face begins to take on a tired look as small fat deposits around the eyes put more pressure on the eyelids. Suddenly we begin to notice our once firm chin is subject to sagging skin that is being pulled by gravity and muscles that have become weak over time. Fine lines around the mouth appear and our lips begin to thin as the texture of our skin begins to lose precious moisture and begins to dry out.

Among the biggest disadvantages of getting old, there are always newer or better technologies that we don’t know about, yet our facial aging doesn’t slow down and wait fir us to catch up. There are so many skin tightening procedures that you can use to bring back the beauty and youthful glow of your skin. However, because of the number of available skin tightening treatments, many patients are getting too confused on which procedure to use.

Skin Tightening Treatment

An unprecedented skin treatment that allows physicians to precisely provide optimal skin contraction temperatures in a manner no other RF technology can. ACE (Achieve, Control, Extend) is built to Achieve physician programmed optimal temperatures, Control the thermal profile and the Entend to maintain the temperature for a prolonged thermal experience, all without concerns of over heating.Finally, an RF technology with built in safeguards that overcome limitations of existing skin tightening devices and eliminate the need of external infrared thermometers.