PRP for face lift and acne scar

PRP for face lift and acne scar

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), first used for tissue engineering, contains seven essential growth factors which are able to stimulate bone and soft tissue healing when injected.

The results of PRP in skin and body procedures include:

faster tissue regeneration

faster healing time

more collagen growth

longer fat cell survival when harvested

faster correction of scars and acne scars

Wrinkle & Scar Repair

Significantly lessens Deep wrinkles

Repairs Acne scars

Reduces the appearance of Keloid scars

Improves jowl lines and smile lines

Repairs stretchmarks

For Aging Hands

Significantly helps Neck wrinkling and lines

Burn Scars


Tighten fine lines and improve skin luminescence

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is on the cutting edge of regenerative therapies. The PRP process of using your body’s own platelets (found in your blood), concentrate the platelets to up to 18 times baseline and injecting these platelets into the area that needs regeneration. PRP is often used in the operating room for orthopedic surgical procedures, wound healing and in dental surgeries. PRP prolotherapy injections utilize the PRP solution to heal ligament or tendon by stimulating growth factors to the region of interest.

In PRP facials, PRP is injected under the eyes, forehead, smile lines and into deep wrinkles to stimulate collagen regrowth allowing the area to tighten and regain the youthful glow that you once had. Skin rejuvenation can also be with PRP can be done on the neck and decolletage area which often shows signs of aging earlier in life.

How many treatments do I need?

Acne scars look better within days following the first treatment and continue improving for following months. Severe acne scarring may need up to 5 to 10 treatments, spaced out by 4 to 6 weeks.