How to Remove unwanted hair for Men Permanently

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How to Remove unwanted hair for Men Permanently: The Definitive Guide

Most people have body hair. For men, it can be a symbol of pride. But for women, it can make them feel uncomfortable if they can’t wear a dress that shows their body hair.

Some people find body hair uncomfortable because they want their skin to appear smooth. There are many techniques to remove body hair, but the best one depends on the type of hair you have.

Categories of Hair

 There are many different ways to remove unwanted body hair, but it is important to understand what hair you are removing. Hair is made of a protein called keratin, which is also found in our fingernails and toenails. People have hair that grows from under the surface of the skin. This hair starts from a root that is found inside a small tube in the skin. There are two main types of hair.


People with this hair type have rough, dark hair that is long. This hair type helps protect the skin from friction. Women usually have terminal hair only in the armpits and pubic area, while men also have it on their face, chest, legs, back, and sometimes on their shoulders depending on where they live. 

2. Vellus

This type of hair is found on many women’s body parts such as the chest, face, arms, and back. On the face, it is usually above the upper lip and chin. Some women have lighter vellus hair while others have darker hair, depending on their skin tone and complexion.

There are different types of hair, so it is easy to assume that removing different types of hair would need different procedures.

Many people think that shaving is the only way to remove hair for men. This is not true. Men need to use multiple methods to remove hair, depending on where it is on their body. Shaving is the cheapest and easiest way to remove hair from the face, but for other areas like the legs or chest, waxing or hair removal cream can be used.

If done incorrectly, shaving can be complicated and leave behind tiny pieces of hair that are very irritating. Many of us have wondered how to remove unwanted hair permanently, also many of us have longed for treatment regarding private part hair removal.

Effective practices for hair removal in men


♢ Shaving

There are two ways to use a razor: one is to shave the facial hair and the other is to shave other parts of your body, like your armpits, legs, or private areas. Hair grows back after three days so you have to do it again after that time.

 It’s a quick and easy process but it can cause cuts and burns. You might also get redness on your skin. However, nowadays there are softer razors available that cause minimal to no burn effects.

♢ Male Threading

Threading is one of the best body hair removal techniques that can be used on the face, including the nose, chin, and eyebrows. It is not permanent, but it can last for 5-7 days. It is painless and economical and can be done at home or in a salon.

♢ Plucking

Plucking is a way to remove facial hair and blackheads. You can only remove one hair at a time, and it can cause temporary burns if you haven’t plucked the hair well. It is usually done on the face. Plucking hardly takes any time and can be over in 10 minutes at the most.

♢ Waxing

This is a long-lasting hair removal procedure that can last up to 4 weeks without the hair growing back. You can either do this with professional help or at home by yourself. However, if you do it professionally it will be an expensive process and there are various types of waxing that a qualified dermatologist may refer you to based on the skin type and hair condition.

If you do it at home, you will need wax, a cloth, and warm water. You can buy waxing kits at most drug stores and department stores. Waxing makes your skin smooth and it also makes the hair grow back slower.

Waxing is a way to remove hair from your hands, legs, chest, or back. It usually takes 10 minutes to an hour to do depending on which area you are waxing.

♢ Hair Removal Cream

Depilatories are a type of cream that removes hair from the skin. When you apply depilatory creams to your skin, the cream will dissolve the hair. You can then wash it away. This process is quick, and depilatories are easy to find at drug stores.

Drug stores may sell hair removal cream for men and permanent hair removal cream based on the prescription of a qualified dermatologist. They can be used on legs, underarms, in private areas, and even on the face. This helps you stay hair-free for up to 2 weeks.

Some people have problems with the smell of the depilatory. If you have sensitive skin, this can cause a temporary allergic reaction or a rash. Make sure the depilatory you are using is safe for your private area. If it isn’t, it may cause a burning reaction on your sensitive skin. 

♢ Laser Treatment

This is a long-lasting hair removal technique. The laser beam is positioned to the men’s body hair follicles through the skin. The laser beam destroys the hair follicle on the skin to which it is positioned. It is one of the best hair remover treatments referred to fair-skinned people with dark hair because the melanin in dark hair absorbs light too well which makes the technique efficient.

Laser hair removal treatments usually last around 30 minutes and are spaced out over some sessions, depending on the amount of hair on your body.

♢ Electrolysis

One of the ways to remove hair permanently is electrolysis. In this process, an electric current is sent through the hair root to kill it and stop hair growth, though some people have experienced regrowth of hair after electrolysis, this process usually works well for smaller areas such as eyebrows, underarms, and upper lips.

This is done over some sessions. It usually takes around 10-16 hours in total. The treatment might be done every year. It depends on the person how much hair is removed.

Now that we know the different techniques for hair removal, it is important to know which technique is best for each body part.

 Appropriate Hair removal procedure for each body part


  • Back Hair Removal

There are many ways to remove the back hair of body men, but the best ways are waxing and shaving. You can also use depilatories and hair removal creams, but these methods are not as effective as waxing and shaving.

  • Chest Hair Removal

There are different ways to clean chest hair. You can shave it, wax it, trim it, or use a hair removal cream. Some people also use electrolysis or laser hair removal*, but these techniques can be expensive for a large area like the chest. 

  • Legs Hair Removal

There are a few different ways to remove hair from your legs. Shaving and waxing are two popular methods. Waxing can be a little painful, but it is a good way to get rid of hair for a long time. 

Depilatories can also be used, but they may not be as effective as shaving or waxing. The best way to remove hair permanently is with laser hair removal.

Aarthi Skincare Hair Removal for Men


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We aim to understand the type of skin, type of hair, and the pattern of hair growth for each person who visits us.  We hair growth tips for men who wish to have hair growth of the forehead and offer precise treatment for their hair falls.

We test the skin’s sensitivity by performing laser hair removal on a small area. We then customize our services for each user, depending on the results of the test. Permanent hair removal can be used on several parts of the body, including underarms, arms, legs, facial hair, abdomen, chest, back, and bikini line. 

With Aarthi Skincare’s Gentle Touch Laser you can successfully fight the nemesis of body hair and gain hair-free and smooth skin while offering you body hair removal soap and hair removal oil which will be crucial.

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