Hair Transplant Fue Technique

Hair Transplant FUE Technique

Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the popular hair transplantation techniques. It the process of removing follicular units separately from the donor’s area and thereby transplanted to the beneficiary thinning area. With the means of automated extraction tool, the grafts are carefully removed and placed in the beneficiary area. There will be no stitches needed. No linear mark is left.

How FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction) hair transplantation is performed?

The FUE hair transplantation procedure is executed using advanced grafting techniques and invasive technology. It is performed using a tiny instrument measuring one millimeter or less than it. The donor’s follicular units are removed one at a time with this tiny device. With the aid of the device, a circular incision – tiny pouch is made in the skin at the region of the follicular unit to separate the graft. Once the graft is extracted separately from the scalp, it is prepared for implantation.

In the same way, the recipient hair is clipped exactly at the area where these drafts are removed in the donor area. The patient hair shaved or cut short so that the physician will be able to watch and perform the process carefully.

The tiny slits left over after the follicular units are removed and it heals absolutely in a few days. As they heal, the round incision scars remain rarely detectable.