Keloid: Natural Treatments & Prevention Methods


Formerly known as Keloidal Scar, Keloid is a thick, fibrous scar tissue that is developed at the site of a healed skin injury. The keloids grow mostly on the chest, arms, back and upper part of the hand. It is believed that the formation of keloid occur due to certain cases such as pimples, scratching, burns, skin trauma, insect bites and so on. People with dark skin tone and higher amount of melanin have the possibility to get this disease and they should be aware of it. Moreover, this progressive disease is categorized by symptoms like itching and pain all over the affected area. The treatment options available for Keloids are explained in the following:


One of the best methods to treat this disease is to apply medicated creams and lotions on the skin. These medicated creams contain retinoids which enables to control the disease effectively.


If the case is serious, then the doctors will make use of steroid injections/ bleomycin injections to reduce to reduce the swelling and shrink the keloids. It is essential for the patients to take several shots for few months to complete the treatment.


Surgical intervention is considered to be the last step to treat the keloids. Few records have estimated that surgical removal of Keloids tends to recur in the future period. However, the people have to be cautious in their food habits and visit the doctor for checkup once in a month.


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